Experty proposes to democratize the consultation market

In today's knowledge based economy, data and knowledge form a backbone to decision making, ranging from government's public policy decisions to business investment decisions. Global businesses also make use of knowledge to gain insights about the next big trends in the market. In such a scenario, Experty intends to allow knowledge exchange by connecting knowledge... Continue Reading →


Bitcoin’s yet another record high

On November 3, 2017 Bitcoin reached another new all-time high of $7,454 The record outcome is a result of several developments in the Bitcoin community, ranging from increasing adoptability of the currency, its growing legitimacy in the formal financial market and the potential gains for existing holders of Bitcoin from a new fork in currency.... Continue Reading →

Stellar literally reached the moon!

Stellar price doubled on the 16th of October, or as they say 'Stellar to the moon 🌝 ' following the announcement that the fin-tech platform was partnering with IBM to develop a blockchain-based cross border payment solution. The benefit of blockchain in a cross-border transaction could reach the grassroots level and the partners aim to provide... Continue Reading →

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