Blockchain to help build a new Indian state’s capital city

A tale of new state and capital city In 2013, a new state of Andhra Pradesh was formed following the bifurcation of a larger Telugu-speaking state, also called Andhra Pradesh but renamed to Telangana. While Telangana had its own IT hub (Hyderabad) as its capital, the new Andhra Pradesh was yet to have its own capital.... Continue Reading →


Kik founder criticizes blockchain months after raising $100 million in ICO

In September 2017, Kik raised an ICO worth US$100 million, entering the league of high profile ICOs of the time. Half of the amount raised came from c.10,000 backers in the ICO, while the other half came from institutional investors before the public ICO. The company's CEO Ted Livingston explained the idea to develop a... Continue Reading →

Analysis: Stock exchanges going crypto?

The genesis of stock exchanges dates back to as early as 1100s when brokers in France used to trade agricultural debts on behalf of banks. However, the first genuine stock exchange came into being in the 1400-1500s at Antwerp in Belgium. Although all these stock exchanges had one thing missing: stocks. The first publicly traded... Continue Reading →

Financial firms gearing up for the crypto market

Blockchain has several real World applications, however, the most significant of them are in the financial services space. Now it appears that even the top financial firms of the World are ready to enter the crypto market. The overall cryptocurrency market has witnessed massive increase in market capitalization over 2013-2018. The unprecedented change in market... Continue Reading →

A wordpress for Blockchain in the making?

Enterprise blockchains are about to receive a new "administration" tool just as WordPress is to website administration, including website handling, content publishing and control. Introduction India-based startup Elemential aims to make managing an enterprise blockchain network an easy process with a short learning curve. Founded in 2016 by Raunaq Vaisoha, Anil Dukkipatty, Sahil Kathpal and Aaryaman Vir... Continue Reading →

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